Why Not Use Some Text Ads?

Text ads are possibly the oldest form of marketing other than the spoken word.  However most marketers disregard these as a waste of time.  I believe this is a mistake.

Text ads are highly effective if used wisely.

It’s true that text ads are not often clicked, but they are being looked at every day by thousands of people.  Therefore they are perfect for branding.

Don’t worry about the clicks just use them to show your name, your tag-line and, if you are a program owner, the name of your program.

This will drip feed your branding onto people in a polite non-obtrusive way and will reinforce your other marketing efforts.

When you do get a click, take them to your blog, your twitter profile or even a sign-up form for your mailing list so they can get to know you even better.

They are amazingly easy to set up and most programs are giving them away in abundance, so it truly is simple, free advertising.


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