What Is Personal Branding?

I received an email today in which I was asked “What is personal branding?”

It’s a great question and although this blog is primarily about personal branding it is a question which I haven’t really answered here.  So now it’s time to correct this omission.


When people join or buy something they are much more likely to make a positive decision if they have received a recommendation from a friend or at very least somebody that they know, like and trust.

Personal branding starts with getting yourself recognised in the online marketing community.

This can begin as simply as getting your name and photograph in front of people, but this is only the beginning.  Your name and photograph will get you known, but will not get you liked and trusted.  You have probably seen Adolf Hitler’s name and photograph and would recognise him instantly but would you trust him?

Being known is important but there is more to achieve than just being recognised.

To be liked and trusted people need to see something of your personality.  They need to be able to relate to you on a personal level.

This is why the top marketing professionals are using video these days.  Video shows you as a living breathing person.  Video shows a little of what you’re like in real life.

To become liked and trusted you need to become a part of the online marketing community.  You need to talk to people encourage people and offer help where it is needed.

Personal branding is about you; but it is also about how you relate to others and the perception that others have about you.


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