Surf 4 Quality – My Newest Traffic Exchange

On 1st November last year I launched World Wide Traffic Exchange. Today I am launching my second traffic exchange “Surf 4 Quality”.

Surf 4 Quality is radical as it works in a different way to all other traffic exchanges. Surf 4 Quality is designed around the concept that if you have your site in rotation you would almost certainly like people to look at it! Surf 4 Quality is designed to eliminate idle clicking and to encourage people to take notice of what is being shown.

Diversity in advertising methods is useful as people respond in different ways to various advertising media. My new site offers eleven different methods of advertising. Some of the advertising is displayed off-site on Websites such as this one.

Whereas World Wide Traffic Exchange is primarily a paid to use program with a free option. Surf 4 Quality is primarily a free to use site with some paid options.

You can join using the form here.

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