Free Programs

You will not earn money promoting free programs, but they can still benefit your online business.



Video training and motivation, increased traffic in some of the best traffic exchanges, a natural downline builder and much more. This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs and for very good reason.

I have no hesitation in recommending this free program. If you’re not already a member, click the banner above and join right now!


It does what it says and more. You get free credits and many of the best traffic exchanges. You also get a downline builder which works due to the free credits on offer. There is also a surf promo which gives you the opportunity to win cash while gaining credits in 5 of the traffic exchanges.

Worth joining for the free credits. Worth consideration as your main downline builder.


I wouldn’t usually promote free traffic exchanges outside of a good downline builder. Traffic-Fusion is worth some extra consideration.

It’s a top quality perfectly balanced exchange which makes it easy to earn credits and delivers traffic perfectly. A really good traffic generator without upgrading.

However Traffic-Fusion really shines when you spend a little bit of cash and upgrade. As well as far more traffic, upgraded members earn free referrals for surfing 50 clicks per day for just 5 days each fortnight. Promote Traffic-Fusion and you can earn another free referral. There are 2 free referrals up for grabs every two weeks.

The great news is that a good number of your free referrals will upgrade too so you will soon be earning commissions.

If you only upgrade in one traffic exchange this is the one to choose.