Paid Programs – Your Income

If you are serious about earning money online, you will want to be promoting paid programs. Getting new referrals in paid programs always pays.

The best paid programs are those that ask for a monthly fee. With these programs you will earn from your referrals each month every month for as long as they remain a member.

That’s the main reason I recommend Shockwave Traffic so strongly. I get paid every month on referrals that signed up many months ago. I do the work once and continue to get paid every month for each referral.

That doesn’t mean that lifetime membership programs are not worth joining. With lifetime memberships you pay just once so there is no ongoing financial commitment.

Free Programs – for Traffic and Branding

Whilst it is true that you can earn some upgrade commissions from free programs, free programs will not earn you a living.

However there are still some free programs that you should seriously consider joining. Some are excellent for building traffic, some may help you to build a mailing list and others are useful for branding.