In What Ways Can I Earn Money?

I have been asked another question:

“In what ways can I make money?”

This is a very good question that usually receives a very poor answer.  Many affiliate marketers when asked this question will reply with a link to their latest program.  That isn’t really an answer; it is just promotion and very bad and misleading promotion at that.

In any business you make money when somebody pays you for a product or a service.  In affiliate marketing the same rules apply.

Affiliate marketers make money by promoting paid programs, upgrades and digital products.  When people buy, commissions are earned.  If nobody buys, no money is earned.

I know you can earn a few cents here and there by surfing, but you have to do a huge amount of surfing before you will even reach a payout threshold.  You need to ask yourself how much your time is worth.

If you are serious about making money in this industry then you need to recognise that you are running a business.  A business involves your time and also some financial investment.  Thankfully the financial investment is tiny.

Internet affiliate marketing is the cheapest way that I know of starting your own business.  However, a low priced start up doesn’t mean the rewards are low.  This industry can be financially rewarding if you do things right.

So the answer I would give to this question is:

Find something to promote.  Ideally it should be something that is only available by paying for it.  (You are unlikely to make much money, if any at all, by promoting free stuff.)  Pay for it yourself and get to know the product thoroughly.

Start learning how to promote it effectively.

When you are able promote one product well and start earning money you will be able to extend your range to other profitable products and services.

Eventually you might like to take the option to create your own product and become a program/product owner.


What Is Personal Branding?

I received an email today in which I was asked “What is personal branding?”

It’s a great question and although this blog is primarily about personal branding it is a question which I haven’t really answered here.  So now it’s time to correct this omission.


When people join or buy something they are much more likely to make a positive decision if they have received a recommendation from a friend or at very least somebody that they know, like and trust.

Personal branding starts with getting yourself recognised in the online marketing community.

This can begin as simply as getting your name and photograph in front of people, but this is only the beginning.  Your name and photograph will get you known, but will not get you liked and trusted.  You have probably seen Adolf Hitler’s name and photograph and would recognise him instantly but would you trust him?

Being known is important but there is more to achieve than just being recognised.

To be liked and trusted people need to see something of your personality.  They need to be able to relate to you on a personal level.

This is why the top marketing professionals are using video these days.  Video shows you as a living breathing person.  Video shows a little of what you’re like in real life.

To become liked and trusted you need to become a part of the online marketing community.  You need to talk to people encourage people and offer help where it is needed.

Personal branding is about you; but it is also about how you relate to others and the perception that others have about you.


My New Kore4 Ads

I’ve just received my new splash and banner from Rhonda who owns the Website “Make My Splash”

I’m always delighted with Rhonda’s work and my new ads were a joy to receive.

I like the TimTech supplied Kore4 advertising. It’s great to see it being used and the Kore4 brand being strengthened.

The Kore4 brand is currently very much stronger than my own personal brand so I am going to continue to concentrate on building my own brand.

What Rhonda has done for me is combine my own brand with Kore4.

As you continue to surf the traffic exchanges you will probably come across this banner and my new branded Kore4 splash page.

Building your own personal brand then combining that with other strong brands makes for some very strong advertising.

Rhonda charges a very modest amount for the high quality work she produces. I have used her services in the past and will continue to give her work.  In fact I’ve just placed my next order.

Why not give her a try?

Quick Tip – Don’t Sell

It’s very tempting to try to sell your product, service or program everywhere you go and to everyone you meet.  However people don’t like to be sold to.  They like to buy.

This is why personal branding is so important online.

People like to buy from people they know, like and trust.  So to sell effectively it is important that people get to know you.

Start a campaign today to get yourself known, liked and trusted.

Make sure your campaign does not try to directly sell anything, but just gets you known, liked and trusted.

Run this campaign alongside your personally branded advertising campaigns. People are far more likely to respond to your ads if they have already seen you in a more neutral non-selling situation.

Your own blog
Personal splash pages that point to your blog or Twitter profile
Videos (note to self: these work particularly well)

Quick Tip – Taglines

Do you have a memorable tagline?

People may not remember your name, but if you link it to a good tagline your name will stick in their minds.

Here are some examples of names with taglines

Jon Olson – The TE Guy
Larry Dame – The Sweeva Guy
and of course:
Vince Warner – The Excited Brit :o)

There are others being used in the online world but this is something which I believe is very much under used.

Think about your name and think about what is different about you.  Try to come up with something catchy and use it everywhere.

Banners are Great

Many marketers feel that banners have now had their day and are virtually worthless as a viable advertising medium.

As you will gather from the title I disagree with this sentiment.

It is true that banners do not usually achieve high click through rates. However, click throughs are only half of what banners can do.

Banners are great when it comes to branding. I will not usually promote a banner which does not have my image on it. If the banner is not clicked my image has still been seen which is reinforcing my branding.

This is one reason that I like and recommend “BrandMeTool”. I don’t have to design my own banners or have a designer design custom banners for me (although I do that too). “BrandMeTool” provides me with banners that promote many of the best programs online, and every banner carries my own image.

If you are not a member of “BrandMeTool” I strongly recommend that you sign up today and try it out.