My New Kore4 Ads

I’ve just received my new splash and banner from Rhonda who owns the Website “Make My Splash”

I’m always delighted with Rhonda’s work and my new ads were a joy to receive.

I like the TimTech supplied Kore4 advertising. It’s great to see it being used and the Kore4 brand being strengthened.

The Kore4 brand is currently very much stronger than my own personal brand so I am going to continue to concentrate on building my own brand.

What Rhonda has done for me is combine my own brand with Kore4.

As you continue to surf the traffic exchanges you will probably come across this banner and my new branded Kore4 splash page.

Building your own personal brand then combining that with other strong brands makes for some very strong advertising.

Rhonda charges a very modest amount for the high quality work she produces. I have used her services in the past and will continue to give her work.  In fact I’ve just placed my next order.

Why not give her a try?


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