Monitoring Your Progress

Making Sure Your Branding Is Working For You.

You can read the marketing ebooks, blogs etc and follow the advice, but how can you know whether what you are doing is getting you better known, better liked, and more trusted?


One obvious way is tracking. If you are getting conversions you are doing something right; if not then perhaps you need to change a few things.

If you are serious about your online business you will be tracking.

The FREE method – The chances are that your favourite TE has a rotator which now includes a tracking service and using this is certainly better than no tracking at all. If you really cannot afford to pay for a professional tracking service at this time then please do use a free rotator/tracker service from your TE of choice.

However almost all the top marketers are using this service: is simply the most complete tracking service available and it is very affordable. I recommend that you start using as soon as you can afford to do so.

Other useful services

These services are FREE, but upgrading will give you additional advantages

There are some other programs that will give you valuable feedback on your branding.

At Sweeva you will be able to get direct feedback from other marketers. People see your page and have to rate it to move on to the next one. Many also leave helpful comments to help you improve your branding.

free manual traffic exchange

You will also get personal feedback at ThumbVu. The feedback is more about how people view you, rather than individual pages. This is a responsive TE because people are encouraged to look at your site cast votes for you and make comments. The feedback is valuable.

Traffic Exchange Brand

At TrafficExchangeBrand your brand is directly compared to others. Surfers are simply asked which of two people they most Know, Like or Trust and make a choice with the click of a button. The information is then presented to you as a number. 1.000 being 100% of clicks in your favour. The very top marketers are scoring between 0.500 and 0.750

This is a very useful program and is currently the first site I look at each morning.