Knowing Your Numbers

This is the first of a short series of posts about the business side of Internet affiliate marketing

Q. How do you tell a real business person from somebody who is just playing at running a business?

A. The real business person knows their numbers!

How much money did you earn (or lose) last month?
What is you projected profit for next month/quarter/year?
What is your best performing advertising source?
What is your best selling product or service?

The answers to these questions are vital to the success or failure of any business, whether Internet based or not.

As business people we need to be fanatical about the numbers in our business. We need to be in control of our outgoings and our income. YES, we do need to be in control of our income! We need to know what is working and what is not working so that we can be efficient with our time and our financial resources.

Internet affiliate marketing is a real business that will bring you real returns, but only if you run it as a real business.

So, if you are not doing so yet, commit today to learn how to run a real business. I’ll be posting again soon to help you to do exactly that.

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