If I Can Only Pay For One Thing, What Should It Be?

That’s a great question and I don’t even need to take any time to think about it.

The answer is; a good follow-up auto-responder service.

The one most important thing in your online business is your mailing list.  If you don’t already have a mailing list you need to start one today.  Stop doing everything else right now and get your mailing list set up. (You can finish reading this though :-))

I’m not holding any punches here.  If you haven’t got a list you haven’t got a business.  If you think you can’t afford an auto-responder you are not serious about building an income online.  Tough words, but I will stand by them because my experience in this business tells me that it’s true.

You cannot afford not to have a good follow-up auto-responder.  It is a fundamental, must have tool for any online business.

You could go for a free auto-responder service, but it will be expensive once your list begins to grow- which it will if you do it right.  If you go free you will definitely regret it later.

The best auto-responder service that I know of right now is RocketResponder.  It is so simple to use that you can have your first list set up in just a few minutes.

RocketResponder will let you have as many lists as you want and as many subscribers as you wish for just $20 a month.  That’s about 65 cents a day and you even get your first month for free.

So if I had to cancel all of my subscriptions except one, everything would go except my RocketResponder account.  I would even shut down my traffic exchange rather than cancel my auto-responder subscription.

So there you have it.  Your one must have online business tool which you can never be without is your follow-up auto-reponder service.


If I Can Only Pay For One Thing, What Should It Be? — 4 Comments

  1. Nice post Vince and I would have to agree, upgrades and the like are valuable to our business however THE most important thing is absolutely an auto-responder and your own list. Thanks Karen

  2. Hi Vince,

    It’s important to build a list, but you also need hosting and tracking, so I might not put it at the top.

    The other thing you need is personality and ability to entertain your list.

    Keep on blogging which combined with listbuilding will snowball your traffic.


  3. As a member of your traffic exchange, I would be very disturbed to read:
    ” I would even shut down my traffic exchange rather than cancel my auto-responder subscription.”

    As an owner of a traffic exchange, you must realize your membership site IS YOUR LIST! Grow your site – Grow your list.

    • If you are disturbed by the thought that I might shut down my traffic exchange you have missed the point of my post.

      A TE is an advertising medium, nothing more, nothing less. My TE is IMHO one of the best around, but if it didn’t exist you could continue to build your business using other advertising mediums.

      The only reason to be concerned about any program closing down is if you have all your eggs in that one basket.

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