In What Ways Can I Earn Money?

I have been asked another question:

“In what ways can I make money?”

This is a very good question that usually receives a very poor answer.  Many affiliate marketers when asked this question will reply with a link to their latest program.  That isn’t really an answer; it is just promotion and very bad and misleading promotion at that.

In any business you make money when somebody pays you for a product or a service.  In affiliate marketing the same rules apply.

Affiliate marketers make money by promoting paid programs, upgrades and digital products.  When people buy, commissions are earned.  If nobody buys, no money is earned.

I know you can earn a few cents here and there by surfing, but you have to do a huge amount of surfing before you will even reach a payout threshold.  You need to ask yourself how much your time is worth.

If you are serious about making money in this industry then you need to recognise that you are running a business.  A business involves your time and also some financial investment.  Thankfully the financial investment is tiny.

Internet affiliate marketing is the cheapest way that I know of starting your own business.  However, a low priced start up doesn’t mean the rewards are low.  This industry can be financially rewarding if you do things right.

So the answer I would give to this question is:

Find something to promote.  Ideally it should be something that is only available by paying for it.  (You are unlikely to make much money, if any at all, by promoting free stuff.)  Pay for it yourself and get to know the product thoroughly.

Start learning how to promote it effectively.

When you are able promote one product well and start earning money you will be able to extend your range to other profitable products and services.

Eventually you might like to take the option to create your own product and become a program/product owner.



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  1. Excellent post Vince! This is extremely helpful for those that are just starting out online, or for people who have been struggling for a while. Start with one simple program, promote it, and grow from there. You learn a lot from this process. Look forward to more posts!!
    Angel Valenciano

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