A Generous Traffic Exchange

Yesterday I discovered a traffic exchange which is extremely generous to it’s members.

This TE is offering 400 credits per month to free members!

It also has a surf ratio that starts at 0.5:1 and increases each 50 clicks.

Generous isn’t always as good as it sounds

Offering free credits each month encourages people to join (over 700 members in this case) but it doesn’t encourage people to surf.

If few people surf, all those free credits are not used up which causes members to surf even less.

The TE owner has to encourage surfing somehow.

Offering a better surf ratio or credit prizes won’t work as members already have an abundance of credits.

So the only other option I see is to offer cash prizes for surfing.

In order to offer cash prizes there needs to be cash available, so it is important to sell upgrades and advertising.

However few people will want to upgrade or buy as they already have an abundance of unused advertising.

This shows the importance of TE owners balancing the credits earned with credits used.

I like to encourage TE owners and I would be very happy to help and encourage the owner of “A Simple And Fast TE”, especially as the owner is generous and clearly passionate about helping people promote their websites.

Unfortunately this particular TE has been founded on a poor business model and considerable changes would need to be made to make it successful.

So Should You Join?

Well you won’t get a lot of traffic as delivery is very slow, but you will get some traffic and with very little if any surfing.

I joined out of curiosity. I’m pleased to be a member and I’m happy to get my websites seen by a small but potentially new audience. I will also be doing a small amount of surfing from time to time to see what is being advertised.

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