Shockwave Traffic Review

Of all the Traffic Exchanges that I use, and I’ve tried many of them, Shockwave traffic is by far the most responsive in terms of both branding and conversions.  I cannot afford not to use this TE.  In fact no serious online marketing professional can afford to disregard Shockwave Traffic.

People surfing Shockwave Traffic just seem to take more interest of what other marketers are doing.

It is also a lot more popular than many other well known exchanges.

So what makes Shockwave Traffic different?

Firstly it is a paid only traffic exchange, which means that the people there are serious about their online marketing business.  I believe that is the main reason it is so responsive.

With a basic membership at just $4 a month, anybody can afford to join.  (Keep reading I’m going to tell you how you can earn most of that back)  There is also an upgraded membership at $15 a month which is well worth the extra money when you can afford it.

The commission rates are among the best in the industry at 50% for basic members and an amazing 75% for upgraded members.

There are regular prize pages which are very generous. If you’re surfing regularly (I’m sure you will be) you will never run short of banner and text impressions.

Joining in with the “SWT Taskforce” you will earn “Military Currency” for promoting your own referral pages (which you will want to do anyway)

“Military Currency” can be used to buy many items from the “Shockwave Taskforce Store” including extra impressions, upgrades, even random referrals. Alternatively you can exchange your “Military Currency” for extra commission.

Money Bags – How to earn $3.75 a month without refering!

This is a fun challenge which will earn most of your basic membership back.

When you surf 250 in one day you will earn a “money bag”.
Collect 10 money bags and you will receive $1.25 commission.

If you were to surf 250 every day you will earn $3.75 a month every month (OK, except February but the extra days on other months will make up for it, LOL)

If you are not a member of Shockwave Traffic and you are serious about your online marketing you really do need to check it out.