Kore4 Review – Why I’m Excited About Kore4

Yes, I’m excited about Kore4!

Kore4 gives you an upgrade in 5 different programs, but these are no ordinary upgrades: Lets start by looking at just one of the programs; ILoveHits

There is only one upgrade available in the ILoveHits members area.

But let’s compare the ILoveHits “Heavy Weight” upgrade with what you will get when you upgrade to Kore4

The big selling point of the “Heavy Weight” upgrade is the 1.25:1 surfing ratio. This is an unusually high surf ratio; most TE will not offer more than 1:1 to any upgraded surfer and far less for free members.

In Kore4 this ratio is even higher at 2:1. Yes, you will get 2 credits for every click, and this is just your starting ratio; it can be made even higher by NerdSurfing and using batteries.

On the subject of batteries; the ClickTrackProfit upgrade in Kore4 gives you a package of 80 differently rated batteries every month to enhance your surfing ratio in any of the NerdSurf sites.

Use a 100% battery on ILoveHits while NerdSurfing and your ratio is more than 4:1. Yes; more than 4 credits for every click. You will not earn a bigger surfing ratio anywhere else.

As well as a greatly enhanced credit ratio you will also receive 1500 credits, 4000 text impressions and 2500 banner impressions every month.

And that is just one of the programs that is included in Kore4!

You will receive a similar package in StartExchange, ThumbVu and Sweeva as well as an enhanced upgrade in ClickTrackProfit.

All this for a modest $30 a month, which is far less than the ordinary upgrades if bought separately. That’s just $1 a day!

With 50% commissions you only need to find two other people who want to give their business an amazing boost and who enjoy good value and your membership is free.

This short article only touches the surface of what Kore4 offers. Click my banner and take a closer look today!