Do you really want me to join?

A rant – with no naughty words 🙂

As a professional online marketer I choose to use an email address on my own domain. In fact I have several which separate my emails for me into different folders for different types of email.

For instance newsletters that I have chosen to join will go to one email address; membership emails from programs I have joined will go to another address and mailing list program emails will be collected at yet another address.

This is the way I choose to run my business. It is time efficient, it is easy to use and emails sent to me are always received, properly sorted ready for reading and are very unlikely to bounce.

So when I choose to join a program and then read on the sign up page “Gmail Only” I invariably change my mind and will not join that program. I have tried Gmail and have decided it’s not for me.

I already have my email application open and ready for a confirmation email or any other emails that are sent to me. I really don’t need Gmail as well. It is unnecessary and would not be time efficient for me.

It has been suggested to me that I have a Gmail address simply for joining programs that insist on it. Why should I have to sign in to another Website simply to click a confirmation link to join their program? How many of that program’s future emails do you think I would actually read anyway?

Running an online program is a business. Like any other business an online program relies on customers to create turnover and hopefully a reasonable profit. Why would any business want to turn away good potential customers by dictating to them which email address they have to use? If I tried something like that with my offline business I would very soon not have a business. So why do people think that an online business is any different?

In business it is important to make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you. It is perfectly acceptable to state a preference. “Gmail preferred” is fine, but “Gmail only” is putting up a barrier to any potential customer that doesn’t have, or doesn’t want, a Gmail account.

So here are my final points to some this up:

You are not doing me a favour by letting me join your program.
I can run my business perfectly well without joining your program.
I will spend money if I believe I will see a reasonable return on my investment.
I am your potential customer. Look after me!

A quick update – I have just checked both of my own TEs for members bouncing emails. There are just 4 members with bouncing addresses and every one of them is using a Gmail address!

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