Banners are Great

Many marketers feel that banners have now had their day and are virtually worthless as a viable advertising medium.

As you will gather from the title I disagree with this sentiment.

It is true that banners do not usually achieve high click through rates. However, click throughs are only half of what banners can do.

Banners are great when it comes to branding. I will not usually promote a banner which does not have my image on it. If the banner is not clicked my image has still been seen which is reinforcing my branding.

This is one reason that I like and recommend “BrandMeTool”. I don’t have to design my own banners or have a designer design custom banners for me (although I do that too). “BrandMeTool” provides me with banners that promote many of the best programs online, and every banner carries my own image.

If you are not a member of “BrandMeTool” I strongly recommend that you sign up today and try it out.


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